I drew this a few weeks ago, based on the idea that music lives in our every cell.

vase voice orange purp

It’s a little cliche, sure. But much of art is based on things we’ve seen over and over again.

One of my favourite artists ever is Vasily Kandinsky, who drew music effortlessly (based on his synesthesia) and I would have him no other way. I adore the obvious movement his music-based works have; the clear emotion of his experience.

Just like any other artist, I tend to draw what’s close to home. So while I did think of Kandinsky, these colours and lines are all mine; a representation of my musical “home.”



I love horror. Gory, funny, dark, demented, all of it really.

Behold Scare:


farm life

This drawing is meant to have undertones of the mystery and paranoia that come wrapped up in the “occult” or “horror” themes. The sinister feeling in your body, the uncertainty of knowing and not knowing, etc. all inspire me often when I doodle or draw.

The eye I doodle constantly makes an appearance as a major character this time. The floating eye and mixed messages coming from it hang authoritatively over the structure below; all existing in a cold white space. I used the structure and environment of a farm because it was a wholesome setting where our sustenance grows.

To me, no place is safe. I have to deal with that reality. Basically, I wanted to show somewhere vulnerable.



red-orange doodle

These doodles come from using a multi-color ink pens like this one (except mine was bought at an O’Hare airport store years ago).

Red and orange turned out to be great conveyors of my typical themes/inspirations; I chose them because i) I wanted 2 inks to switch between for the challenge factor and ii) I was interested in light/dark contrast.

the “feminine”-I

Personally, my spirituality has blossomed out of what most societies call “feminine” ideals. The binary hasn’t impressed me since I was little and called tomboy, which didn’t bother me but nonetheless was based on silliness. However, sometimes the language of masculine and feminine is useful, and for the time being it’s what we have as a society.


When it comes to art, I tend to create things that some may view as “sexless” – sexuality and gender expression are not a huge part of what ends up being expressed. Since I do things so intuitively, I just let those aspects of my identity show themselves as needed. It just so happens that it is rare. *shrug*

I decided to draw in pencil again the other day, and when I looked at it I could immediately see the “feminine” aspects of what I had drawn. I wasn’t surprised, or upset, but instead viewed it as merely interesting.

I’m content with that.

The Monster of Science

RB 2018-02-20 13.02.14

Behold one of my more recent creations! She is the embodiment of the knowledge one gains through vigorous testing.

I kind of think of her as a monster. If I am to be honest, she’s more of a way for me to say “yes, I do love these aspects of existence” – the so-called ‘logical’; the blueprint we’re attempting to create for Life through experimentation.

She is like a net of concepts held together by both strong and weak connections. I really enjoyed drawing her.


Intuition vs. Structure: fight fight fight!

This is one of the few pieces I’ve shared so far that I visualized before I started drawing. However, it is still very intuitive.

RB 2018-02-11 09.25.45

Planning art doesn’t come easy. I used to think that was merely part of who I was, but I’ve learned recently that assumptions about yourself as just as detrimental as assumptions you have about others.

The most probable truth is that I am not good at planning, and therefore shy away from it.

Another probable truth is that I’ll most likely never stop with my intuitive nature.

There’s no reason one person can’t have both within them.

art effort

Sometimes at the end of a toothpaste tube I’ll give up on trying to squeeze every last bit out when it seems thin enough to me. Other people will buy specific tools to make sure they do not waste and probably get more out.

RB 2018-01-30 10.39.38

Some of my drawings are the toothpaste at the end of the tube and I’m happy to give them up but also very happy for their service. Every single thing I draw is going to help me draw the other thing. That’s why I love drawing; I’ve never wasted a moment.

I admire the people who waste less than me, but I easily let things go, so I know they can admire me too. But nothing ever stops me from trying to get as much as I can out of everything in my life. I’m not about to throw a half-full tube away.